Dear Author

REVIEW: Eternally by Maureen Child

Dear Ms. Child:

EternallyI haven’t read you before but I like paranormals and thought that I would give Nocturne a try. Unfortunately, this story seemed a rehashing of every other paranormal story out there. I hope this isn’t a portend of things to come from Nocturne else it may have a short, Bombshell lived life.

Kieran McIntyre is an immortal guardian who fights demons. The particular demon who is haunting Hollywood is one that Kieran had captured but allowed to escape in the late 1800s. I never guessed that this demon, given the time period and explanations of strange violations of women, once was Jack the Ripper because that is not an overused and trite explanation for one of the greatest unsolved mysteries.

Shockingly, in a never before heard of twist, Kieran may have met his Destined Mate in reporter Julie Carpenter. Kieran can read the thoughts of his Destined Mate and having sex with His destined mate makes him stronger, strong enough to catch the demon. Of course, Kieran doesn’t explain this to Juliana because he can read her mind and knooooows she wants to mate with him.

Julie, the Destined Mate, is a reporter who doesn’t do any reporting in this case, but does spend alot of time hidden in Kieran’s home when she is not doing TSTL things like escaping. This book is set in Hollywood, but has nothing to do with the movie industry or with the setting. It has nothing to do with investigative reporting. It was nothing to do with Kieran’s position as a reclusive philanthropist. I don’t even know why you bothered with time, place, setting, occupations and the like since none of that mattered. The conflict is one that could have been meaningful. Julie and Kieran must come to terms with her mortality and his immortality. The problem is that the conflict was too little too late and wasn’t well balanced with the suspense plot which sometimes seemed to dominate the story and sometimes seemed an afterthought.

Of course, you set up the requisite sequel baits including an advisory Guardian from Spain and a house sitter cum bodyguard cum recently made Guardian former Navy SEAL. There seemed to be not one original idea in this book. It was hackneyed, done and redone. I was so bored that I could barely bring myself to turn the page and read the rest of the book. But wait, there was an original thread throughout the book. Kieran called Julie “woman” throughout the book. Woman, you want me. Woman, you drive me crazy. Woman, this book is a snoozer. D.

Best regards,