REVIEW:  The Book, the Film, The T-Shirt by Matt Beaumont

REVIEW: The Book, the Film, The T-Shirt by Matt Beaumont

Dear Mr. Beaumont,

While reading another of your books, “The E Before Christmas” I was in stitches. This book had me almost crying as I watched yet another “train wreck” occur for a British ad agency. The scene is mainly on the set of a brill TV advert for tyres (tires to us Americans) which Greg Fuller of Fuller Scheidt Advertising has dreamed up in order to make tyres sexy. He thinks, what can go wrong? He’s got two Hollywood stars to act in it, a Hollywood director to direct it and, if he does say so himself (and he’s the kind who would) he’s written a fantastic script. So how does it all go pear shaped by the end? .

Your books have large casts of characters, who have multiple interactions and intricate plots which readers need to be prepared to watch slowly spin out to the inevitable meltdown for all concerned. Unlike the “E” books which are told in the form of emails sent between the characters, “The Book, the Film, the T-Shirt” is written almost like a script from the multiple points of view of the various characters. At first I wasn’t sure I wanted to read so many different POVs but I quickly got used to the format and ended up loving seeing what everyone had to say and think about the other people and the things happening. I might have to wait until the very end of your books but I know that the good people will triumph, the bad will get what’s coming to them (and usually in fantastic, spot on ways) and all the seemingly random things spread throughout the story will come together to make it all happen.

I know I missed some of the British references but having read enough Chick Lit books and seen enough British movies and TV shows, I think I caught most of them. Readers who aren’t as familiar with such references and who don’t like British humor might not care for the book nearly as much though. B+


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