REVIEW:  The Captain’s Lady by Margaret McPhee

REVIEW: The Captain’s Lady by Margaret McPhee

Dear Mrs McPhee,

Cover image for The Captain's Lady by Margaret McPheeYou really lucked out in the cover department. Not a man titty in sight. I’m a sucker for a shipboard/Naval romance and 2/3 of this one is spent at sea. The heroine is fleeing from an arranged marriage to an evil villain (author needs to work on her evil villains but it is only her first published book) disguised as a boy. Along the way she falls in with some sailors then ends up caught by the naval press gang and onboard the hero’s ship.

The author does a good job of keeping the heroine’s gender a secret from her shipmates and then comes up with a plausible excuse for the hero to use to protect her once he knows her secret. The romance is nice and understated though the ending was too pat.

Also, I think the author is British yet she still made some whopper mistakes with aristocratic titles and familiarity amongst strangers. But those really don’t distract too much from the book. B-

This book can be purchased at Amazon. No ebook format yet released.