REVIEW:  Yorkshire by Lynne Martin (aka Lynne Connolly)

REVIEW: Yorkshire by Lynne Martin (aka Lynne Connolly)

This was originally posted last August. The book, however, was not in print anywhere as the author had moved publishers. I received notice that this is now available from Mundania Press in both print and ebook form. This is a favorite series of Jayne and mine and one of our first introductions to epublishing. Who knew it could be so good?


Dear Mrs. Connolly,

yorkshire-sm.jpgI had often heard you mention your books at the yahoo Regency chat site but when I first decided to try them, there were very few reviews out there. So I pretty much had to take a big ($17.00) gamble on this one as at the time I wasn’t reading ebooks. I’m glad to say it paid off nicely. Though it’s listed as an out of niche romance/mystery, the mystery actually takes second place to the romance. I’m glad to hear that the whole series, as well as two new books, will be available again in ebook and print form from Mundania Press.

What we get is a period (Georgian) detailed look at two people falling in love against some pretty tall odds. Richard Kerre is a handsome lord who could have his pick of women. Rose is frankly amazed that he seems to love her. And Richard is floored to have finally discovered his soulmate when he least expected her, and when he’s in no position to make her an honest offer. He’s contracted to marry a society beauty and in those days, a signed marriage contract was legally binding and if broken, could lead to expensive legal payouts and being shunned in society.

Rose’s family also has doubts about Richard’s true intentions. He’s known as a seducer and worldly man. Why would he choose a plain, twenty-five year old, on the shelf, provincial nobody? To add to that, there is an old scandal involving Richard’s twin brother and a possible one if the identity of a killer is not determined.

MVC-013F_small.jpgUnfortunately, you do resort to some standard plot devices to tell your otherwise unusual story and parts of the book could have used a touch more editing. It’s told in first person and perhaps you were trying for a more natural sound but there are some awkward sentences. Typos, though not many, add to some sloppy typesetting that I hope your new publisher will improve on. But despite those problems, I was pulled into the story and wanted to know how things would work out. I felt I was getting a glimpse into a different era. This is, I believe, your first or second published book and one that I’ll give a qualified B. The next books in the series are Devonshire and Venice which follow Richard and Rose’s path toward matrimony. I’m glad the series will be out again and hope that readers who missed them the first time around will check them out.


PS, when your new publisher gets your new cover art set, we will upload it.