REVIEW:  Beautiful Mess by Lucy V. Morgan

REVIEW: Beautiful Mess by Lucy V. Morgan

Dear Ms. Morgan,

In our most recent Reader Open Thread, Patty listed “Olly Harris: Wedding Wrecker” as a July book she’s interested in. Something about the title caught my eye and I looked for more about it which lead me to your website which lead me to the fun-ness that is “Beautiful Mess” which is free at Smashwords. Well, can’t get much better than free and in lots of lovely ebook formats too. Win! And what a darling little novella it is too.

beautiful-messTwo months ago Bailey Frost’s boyfriend took her to Euro Disney and she thought she’d get an engagement ring. Instead she got a giant Pooh which should have tipped her off that All Was Not Well. Now rat bastard Craig has dumped her and her two male roommates and male friend Linc are trying to cheer her up with Jagermeister and cutting comments about Craig’s lack of skill.

“If it looks like a prick and quacks like a prick, it’s a prick,” said Olly.

Bailes knows her tolerance for alcohol is low and she blames that on the fact that she lets slip that she never got an orgasm from Craig – or any other lover either.

Working in a wedding cake store makes the remnants of her broken heart even harder to piece back together as she has to stop herself from wishing orgasm-less futures and divorce for all the mushy eyed clients coming in for tastings.

At least she still has her pet rats. Or does until one turns up stiff. But what begins as a Valentine’s date with her unattached friend might just turn out to be the romance Bailey has always dreamed of.

“Beautiful Mess” is cute but not cloying. The guy buddies see to that, though I’ll skip their poo pics. It’s short but sweet and that doesn’t just mean because of the wedding cake shop Bailey works in. It’s also just the right length for an afternoon or evening read.

There’s not a lot of backstory on Bailey. Or Linc and the boys. The thumbnail sketches of all involved are perfect for length of story and we don’t need much more. It is easy to see the hint of what’s to come as the boys console Bailes with Jager and get the awful truth out of her – not that they probably didn’t already have a pretty good idea due to the lack of noise from Bailey’s bedroom. Yeah, they know Craig is a “tosspot wank-bastard fucktarded nonce captain.”

But Bailes pulls it together and becomes “an imp of pure ass-kickery. A fuck-yeah fairy. Right?” as she deals with gooey engaged couples ordering their gooey wedding cakes. Then my first supreme happiness reading moment arrives when Bailes does what every woman longs to do when she finds just the right words for at just the right time for knobhead Craig. Bully for Bailey.

But wait, could her prince charming have been there all along? Yes, we knew it and he’s a “make her scream like a professional porn star” keeper. This is the second supreme happiness reading moment. It’s a nice touch to add the “four months later” spacer and throw in a little “not everything goes exactly smoothly” on the course to true love. Makes it more realistic. And I love the rats too. B