Dear Author

REVIEW: The Private Undoing of a Public Servant by Leoni...

Dear Ms. Martell,

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book as I know next to nothing about the dominatrix lifestyle or activities. Sure I have an image of a woman clad in skintight black vinyl or leather wearing wearing killer shoes/boots and wielding a whip but what else would you do with the stereotype and what would I learn? Answer: you don’t go much beyond what I see posted at the few professional dominatrix websites I pulled up via google and yahoo or the descriptions at wikipedia so I’m not really sure if you show us what the vast majority of dominatrices are like or if you just read the same information I did.

Kirsten Caine describes herself as a lifestyle dominant meaning someone who is in control both inside and outside the bedroom. She doesn’t charge any money for her services but will happily accept some luscious La Perla knickers for her time. When she randomly meets Simon Charlesworth in a bar near a Tube Station, he has no idea that his life is about to take a dramatic turn. Simon is just who Kirsten loves to toy with, a middle aged man with repressed tendencies whose shell she can crack, allowing his true self to emerge. With the occasional help of her friends Miko, a Japanese art student truly into bondage, Edwarda and Bronwin, who own a little place in the country devoted to the Dominant lifestyle and a few others into the London fetish scene, Miss Caine will reduce Simon to a knicker wearing doggy allowed to crawl to her bootclad feet to worship them. But what happens when Kirsten learns about one of Simon’s political projects?

In an earlier post which I can’t be arsed to look up right now, I asked if there were any books out there with female doms as I was tired of ebooks with handcuffed naked females on their knees. Well, with this book, I got one. Kirsten likes men and loves them on their knees to her in submission. Don’t piss off Mistress K or she’ll whip you with her dragon quirt or force you to withhold your orgasm. Please her and she’ll f*ck you with her strap on, allow you to pleasure her and if you’re really lucky, give you a golden shower.

You take a great deal of time telling us the reasons why Kirsten is as she is and does what she does. She takes exquisite pleasure in knowing more about art, literature, and fine dining than Simon and often sneers at or despises him. In fact the only people she doesn’t look down on are a few other female Doms and even then she’s not really friends with them. I can’t say I’d want to be friends with her either. And given how she ends her relationship with Simon, I can’t say I’d trust her either. And isn’t that the most important thing in a BDSM relationship: trust? The sub has to trust the Dom not to go too far and to look out for his/her interests. Most of the sites I looked at mention how the Dom and sub need to talk beforehand and work out what each wants/needs from the relationship then stick to those limits. Kirsten and Simon never do this and then Kirsten betrays Simon at the most basic level.

I would guess that if readers are into BDSM, especially female domination, they will probably find the sex scenes exciting but as I discovered while reading the book, I’m not into that and having never read any other Femdom books I can’t say if they’re hawt. I think you create a realistic atmosphere of contemporary London and don’t hold back in describing this lifestyle. It’s not one I’m interested in reading any more about but I’d give this book a B-