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REVIEW: Romantic Times Update: RT confirms Comment by Kathryn...

I spoke with Carol Stacy who will be making a post either today or tomorrow in response to my claim that RT reviews are biased. Stacy’s explanation tend to prove that they are not and I am of the opinion that the reviews are not based on ad revenue, except for ebooks and small press.

Ms. Stacy confirms that the blog post made on Karen Scott’s blog was Kathryn Falk. She wants to apologize if anyone was offended but she will not comment on Ms. Falk’s post more than that. I also don’t know that Kathryn Falk will come and provide explanation for what she meant.

One other comment before I have to get back to work and that is Ms. Stacy wanted to convey some details about the gay romance author promotional materials issue. According to Ms. Stacy, the hotel manager had several complaints by businessmen about the poster featuring men loving each other up. The hotel manager removed the poster and refused to put it back up. The promotional items were left on “Promotional Lane” and the author participated in the book signing.