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Kate Brady

REVIEW:  Where Angels Rest by Kate Brady

REVIEW: Where Angels Rest by Kate Brady

Dear Ms. Brady:

Romantic suspense reviews are very hard for me to write. I don’t want to give away too much of the plot. Most of the time I either like them or I don’t. Often there is little character development because the story is so plot driven.  There’s little left to discuss.  I envy those mystery reviewers that can handle that delicate balance between reviewing the text and not giving anything away!

Where Angels Rest by Kate BradyErin Sims brother was imprisoned for the murder of the daughter of a Senator Her belief in his innocence has shaped her life.  She has spent nearly every available minute of her life running down new leads, new evidence.

Within minutes of Justin’s execution, Erin is given a stay of seven days to ferret out new evidence. (I found this a little incredulous but allowed it for the sake of the story). Erin believes that the real perpetrator is John Huggins, a man who had an affair with the deceased. She found evidence that he lives in Hopewell, Ohio, under an assumed name of Jack Calloway with his wife, a once up and coming artist who specializes in mask art.

Nikolaus Mann took the sheriff position in Hopewell to escape his own notoriety. His wife was killed and Nikolaus hunted down her killer and beat the crap out of him, almost killing him. Place on administrative leave, Nick believed the best thing for him and his daughter was to get away from the toxic LA environment, away from the sordid rumors, and seek refuge in this small town.

Needless to say, he has little appreciation for the mess that Erin brings to his door. Yet, Nick is stirred, not just by Erin herself but by the case. He was a decorated L.A. detective and the case is complicated. He’s intrigued and then caught because girls fitting the profile of the killer start disappearing and all signs point to Jack Calloway.

Erin is a fighter and Nick has spent most of his life being a rescuer. His first wife was a woman in need of protection. Her fragility is what attracted him to her; what attracted him to his profession. Yet, the world is a dangerous place and having suffered loss it is easy to see that Erin’s pursuit of justice; her fearlessness; and her ability to stand without him is an attraction he can’t put aside.

Nick is the character that has the most growth.  He’s been stagnating in Hopewell, hiding away and this new case stirs the passion that led him to be a highly decorated detective in LA.  Erin’s storyline is one of vindication so she has little emotional or character growth.

For romance readers, I think there is a good blend of the romance with the suspense although it takes some time to get started and they start from a point of animosity.  Overall, if a reader enjoys romantic suspense books, this will be satisfying.  B-

Best regards,



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REVIEW: One Scream Away by Kate Brady

REVIEW: One Scream Away by Kate Brady

Dear Ms. Brady:

Brady-Kate-One Scream AwayWho ever is doing the acquisitions over at Grand Central of romantic suspense has brought another wonderful debut author. Grand Central is the home to Karen Rose, Annie Solomon, Marliss Melton, Susan Crandall, and now, Kate Brady. One Scream Away is a gripping romantic suspense, probably heavier on the suspense but the romance was quite strong.

I read all night with my heart in my throat. I recall even checking the length of the book to see how much was left because I did not think more bad things could happen to these people.

The bad guy is a very smart serial killer who has a specific plan he is going to carry out. He is one step ahead of the huge task force that is comprised of competent people who are working on few clues. One of those clues is Beth Denison. Beth has spent the past seven years with a secret and she is prepared to take that to her grave to protect her young daughter.

Neil Sheridan worked a case seven years ago, hunting down a serial killer of young women. He ultimately caught the man and ended up shooting the suspect in a chase. His preoccupation with catching the serial killer ruined his personal life and he walked away from the FBI. A murder happens that could have been done by the previous serial killer brings a police lieutenant to Sheridan’s door. He is asked to consult on the case because he knew the former serial killer better than anyone.

The FBI trace the phone calls from the serial killer to Beth and Neil is convinced that she knows something, but he is not sure what. Beth is a target for the FBI and the serial killer. Neil is starting to fall for her. Beth wants to lean on Neil but is afraid to let go.

There’s an underlying thread of family and the importance of children to their parents. There’s the overaching theme of trust. Neil needs Beth to trust him like others didn’t in the past and Beth believes she can only rely on herself. I liked that both characters made emotional sacrifices without the guarantee that the other would reciprocate because they loved each other and were willing to take a risk.

The suspense is centered around a vendetta the serial killer has against Beth. He is marking his way from Seattle to Arlington, Virginia, by killing women a long the way. After each kill, the killer calls Beth to share with her that she better get ready for him. Beth recognizes that this might be the end for her. She doesn’t entirely trust law enforcement but may have to be able to keep her daughter safe. I didn’t feel Beth ever acted too stupid to live even though she acted without law enforcement from time to time. Her actions were understandable.

The reader is allowed to see the villain do his work as he comes closer and closer to Beth on the East Coast. You see law enforcement fail time and again, outsmarted by the villain. There is no character that is safe from the villain.

The suspense is the stronger part of this book, but the romance was well integrated. Readers will find common elements in this book with other romantic suspenses and might even see the plot twists, but it was fast paced and, dare I say, a bit scary? I will say I was uncertain about whether the ending was gratuitous. Still, I’ll be the first in line for the sequel.

Best regards


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