Giveaway: Beauty and the Billionaire by Jessica Clare

Giveaway: Beauty and the Billionaire by Jessica Clare

To celebrate the release of Beauty and The Billionaire by Jessica Clare aka Jessica Sims aka Jill Myles, we have a lovely 10 copy digital book giveaway. This will be a short one, running from today until Wednesday, but the good news is that if you don’t win, the full length romance is only $2.99.

Beauty and the Billionaire

Why do you want to read this book? Let’s see what Jess/Jess/Jill has to say:

1) You have a lot of names. Are you, in fact, three different people?

Just one person!

2) If you are not three different people, why the different names?

I…like a challenge? Just kidding! I started out under one pen-name (Jill Myles) and published a series through Pocket that was kind of part urban fantasy, part erotic romance, part light and funny. I know – I love a challenge, right? It didn’t do as well as we’d hoped sales-wise, so when I pitched my shifter romances to Pocket, we thought we’d go with a new name and a new brand. Thus, Jessica Sims was born. When I contracted with Berkley for my contemporary romances, they suggested a new pen name as well, and I figured I was starting a collection, so why not? I continue to self-publish under Jill Myles because I’m a stubborn cuss.

Long story short:

  • Jessica Clare: Contemporary romances
  • Jessica Sims: Shifter romances
  • Jill Myles: Little bit of everything else

3) One of my favorite series by you is the Reality TV series. Every one of your reviews for Wicked Games pretty much starts out with “I don’t really like Reality TV books, but I liked this one.” Did you expect that?

No! You mean everyone doesn’t love Survivor as much as I do? LIFE HAS LOST ALL MEANING…

Just kidding. I had an idea. I wrote it many, many moons ago and pitched it to my agent because I loved it. She told me that reality TV romances were a really hard sell, so I had an idea. But in self-publishing, anything goes and so I wanted that book to have a chance. I’m actually super happy that everyone seems to enjoy it regardless of topic.

As for the reality TV angle, I love a good ‘situation’ romance. You know, hero and heroine are thrown together in a situation, and shenanigans occur. It’s the perfect set-up to bring together personalities that wouldn’t normally give each other the time of day. I’m also a fan of the scheming. Who doesn’t love scheming?

4) The Billionaire series isn’t full of dark brooding heroes but seemingly ordinary women and decent guys with a lot of money. Why are your characters so decent and likeable?

My first rule of characters is that I have to like them as people. I loathe a hero that’s so far up his own asshole (pardon the french) that he treats the heroine like shit until the 11th hour and then magically all is forgiven. NO. Or maybe I’m just a big grudge carrier. I wouldn’t forgive that and I don’t expect my heroines to, either. There have to be qualities to the hero and heroine both that make them decent human beings, or I just can’t get past the first page. I just can’t.

5) How important do you think humor is?

It is the peanut butter with the jelly. :) I am not a serious person in real life (like, at ALL) and I am constantly looking for the humor in a situation, so it naturally carries over into my writing. I also mentally get ‘in’ to my stories when I’m writing them. I read books that influence the feel of them, listen to music that influences it, daydream constantly about the next scene, watch movies to refill the well, etc. I’m ‘in’ and living the story while I’m writing it. Which is also why I can’t write dark, hugely morbid books. I’d be so depressed!

6) Does your mom read your sex scenes?

My mom is my alpha reader and she reads everything. She is not a fan of the anal scenes, though. She called me up and squealed with horror after reading one. I think I scarred her permanently after that.

7) What’s the craziest question you’ve ever been asked as a writer?

Well, someone did ask me to guide them in their career because they wanted to write books and make a lot of money. It took about an hour into a serious conversation about agents and contracts and such that this person pointed out that they were ‘thinking about getting a computer’ and when they did, they’d then start writing ‘seriously’. Ooookay.

8) What’s so great about your release of Beauty and the Billionaire?

I know it’s cool to go on and on about how awful traditional publishers are at the moment, but I am so in love with Berkley Intermix for really pushing my Billionaire books. We have an awesome price ($2.99! full length book!) and great covers and some behind the scenes stuff going on that makes me ultra excited. Basically, they’ve been incredible to work with and I couldn’t have asked for more. I feel like they’re really paying attention to the shifts in the market and are trying out some new stuff, and I’m super grateful that they believe in me enough to push my books.
Also, I kind of heart the book in a major way. Big scarred virgin hero. Loudmouth, forward heroine. It kinda called to me.

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