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Eve Kenin

Dear Author

REVIEW: Hidden by Eve Kenin

Dear Ms. Kenin:

book review I was anxious to read Hidden, the second in your new futuristic romance series. While not as revelatory to me as Driven, Hidden still has all the elements that attracted me to your work in the first place.

In Driven we saw the downfall of the ruler of North, leaving behind a fragmented land with no law but that of might. Gavin Ward is one of those who has might through the power of his ability to produce a popular drug. Hidden tells the story of Tatiana, or TTN081. She is the sister of Wizard, hero of Driven. In this post apocolyptic world set in the frozen Northern Waste, Tatiana is on a mission. She seeks to hunt down and terminate the scientist, Gavin Ward, who tortured her for years and she searches for her brother and sister, also lab experiments.

Tatiana has six senses. She can read people. Whether this was organic or an unexpected by product of years of being an experimental test subject, it is unknown. But while she can feel the emotions of people, she herself has little practice being human. She studies people and attempts to divine the “proper” response based upon her observations. But she knows she is but a flawed vessel and this drives her to find her family for with them she has a commonality, with them she believes that she could be at peace with herself.

Tristan is a scientist who is the leader of a small cadre of people who live in a subterranean complex. He’s beset with the guilt that he helped to create a deadly plague and infect the people with whom he lives. The plague creates photophobic individuals whose body parts eventually die off and whose blood immediately infects any who come in contact with it.

Tristan and Tatiana both suffer from survivor’s guilt. Tristan is further tormented by the fact that his own hands created the death that surrounds him. He labors to find a cure but has had no success. when Tatiana is exposed to one of his people, Tristan takes her into his subterranean hideaway determined to kill her at some point even though he is intensely attracted to her.

It’s the delicate weaving of the science and the emotion that raises this above other speculative fiction romances on the market. Tatiana’s existence, the manner in which she is created, the way in which her emotional makeup is woven into the tapestry of the worldbuilding, makes it impossible for her to be taken from this book and put in another setting.

The problems I had with the book included the fact that I thought it had heavy ties to the first book. I wondered if someone could pick up Hidden without having read Driven (not like that is a punishment since I thought Driven was a great book). I also thought some of the pacing was bit too slow. Still, this is a unique speculative fiction with bringing a fresh aspect to romance with strong worldbuilding and a poignant love story. B

Best regards,


Note: I forgot to add this to my recommended reads list and will be updating that list with this book and a new one I read last night tomorrow morning.

This book can be purchased in mass market from Amazon or Powells. No ebook format.

REVIEW:  Driven by Eve Kenin

REVIEW: Driven by Eve Kenin

Dear Ms. Kenin:

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I received a copy of Driven. While it is the third in Dorchester’s new “Shomi” line, it was the first of the new imprint that I read. It is quite safe to say that I was favorably impressed.

Driven Eve SilverDriven is a story set in the Frozen North, in a post apocalyptic world (kind of Mad Max meets Red Dawn). Raina Bowen is a driver who is trying to win a high dollar prize for getting her grain haul to a destination before everyone else. Problem is that the highway that was built by Janson Transportation who is controlled by a very evil man, Duncan Bane. She stops at a truck stop to wait for a person called the “Wizard–? who is supposed to provide her a license to jump the line on the highway, thus giving her an advantage to winning the race.

Wizard is a genetically enhanced human who has issues with Duncan Bane. He has very little emotion, looks at things in a very analytical, almost computer-like way. Raina is attracted to him but refuses to be turned aside from her goal of winning.

The best part of Driven is the careful and unique worldbuilding. There is very little info dumping rather a gradual divulging of information when the situation calls for it. The backstory, character motivations, and world creation all unfold in a seamless manner.

This book does a very good job of blending the romance with the action. Wizard and Raina engage in some very heated physical exchanges that aren’t often seen in futuristic novels, particularly the previous Shomi books.

The drawbacks would be the one dimensional villain. Given Bane’s actions, it is hard to believe that no one has offed him yet. Wizard is a bit of cipher, a mystery. I wasn’t quite sure how he was created or his entire backstory, but there was enough to make me keep turning the pages. B+

Best regards,