Dear Author

REVIEW: Vivid Notions by Emma Jensen

Dear Ms Jensen,

For readers who are as anal as I am about trying to read a series in order, let me spell out this one. “Vivid Notions” is the second book in this series that started with CHOICE DECEPTIONS (other books in the series are Coup De Grace, His Grace Endures, What Chloe Wants, A Grand Design). It’s not necessary to read them in order as they stand fine on their own.

Vivian Redmond is a Boston shipping heiress sent to London for a Season who is staying with two middle aged widowed sisters. Just when she arrives in London after staying in the country with the sisters for a month, an anonymous series of poetry cantos begins to be published and to her horror and the ton’s delight, she appears to be the mysterious “Vivid One” referred to in them. Speculation as to the author is rife and the current odds are that it is the dashing George, Lord Byron. Vivian doesn’t care who is writing them just as long as the author stops soon so that she doesn’t feel like a freak in a circus everytime she ventures out into society.

Noel Windram, the Earl of St Helier is a rake who can’t resist a challenge. And Vivian Redmond with her flashing smile and dazzling wit is just who he needs to endure another boring Season. Knowing she’s headed back to America soon, he decides that a light dalliance is in order and begins to pursue her with his own charm, good looks and razor sharp intelligence. Can he get her to fall for him while restraining himself from coshing her other suitors? Can they both escape the matchmaking efforts of their mutual friends? Will that blasted poet ever stop writing about Vivian? And could this be love that each is feeling?

I’ve really enjoyed your witty trad regencies and this one is no exception. Noel and Vivian are both wonderful characters and the secondary ones are just as good. The whole series has witty repartee down pat and Vivian and Noel fence at it brilliantly. The ending scene in which Noel proposes had me laughing out loud. Many of the characters in these books appear in most of them and since I already knew from reading “What Chloe Wants” that these two would be deeply and happily in love, I really looked forward to watching them fall for each other. Vivid Notions doesn’t disappoint. B+ for it and I wish you would return to writing more.