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Emma Holly

REVIEW:  The Billionaire Bad Boys Club by Emma Holly

REVIEW: The Billionaire Bad Boys Club by Emma Holly

Dear Ms. Holly:

You popped my erotica cherry WAY back in the day with your Black Lace release, Menage. I’ve always enjoyed your contemporary set erotica/erotic romances, but stopped reading your books as your paranormal voice did not work for me. So when a Dear Author reader suggested that I try this book, I jumped at the chance.

TBBBCZane and Trey have known each other since high school. After a particularly nasty confrontation with his dad, in which Zane is struck, he runs off. Little does he know, his next door neighbor, Trey, has witnessed the incident, and follows Zane to the high school they both attend. Zane is a star football player. A good looking jock who has no problem getting girls. But when he and Trey start to talk, Trey realizes that Zane is bi-sexual. Soon the boys are acting on their mutual attraction and become lovers. They head to Harvard together, and when they graduate, decide to go into business together – an exclusive club called The Bad Boys Club.  In short order, the business becomes a global success, making Zane and Trey millionaires. Even with their millions, no one knows that the boys are lovers. They see women publicly, but conduct their relationship in absolute privacy. Until they decide to open a restaurant and meet Rebecca. She’s a rising star chef, and is a perfect fit for their restaurant. Little does she know, back when the boys were in college, she waited on them at a restaurant, and made such an impression on Trey that he’s searched for her for a long time. So when he has the chance to hire her, he acts on it immediately.

Rebecca has raised her two younger brothers, who are now in college, since her mom died and her dad walked out when she was 16. She struggled with all of the issues a young parent has struggled with, but through hard work, has started to gain a name for herself as a chef. She desperately wants to work for the Bad Boy Lounge, making it a premier eatery. When she sees Trey, she’s immediately attracted to him, but knows he’ll be her boss, so nothing can happen. Until Trey acts on his attraction and ends up sleeping with Rebecca. Almost immediately, they agree that it can’t happen again, despite the mind-blowing nature of their encounter. When she meets Zane by chance at a college photo shoot for his magazine, she finds herself attracted to him as well. Zane is also very attracted and soon they are also having sex. When Trey walks in on Zane and Rebecca, he initially angry, but then proposes that the three explore a menage relationship. The trio begins some very spicy encounters that build not just their attraction for each other, but also their feelings for one another. But when one of Zane’s ex’s show up and tries to cause trouble, will the trio be able to keep their private relationship private?

This book requires a big suspension of disbelief. First, that the boys were able to found a mega-million dollar business called “The Bad Boy Club” (cheesiest name ever), but then, that Rebecca is so easily accepting of the boys’ secret and that there seems to be little to no jealousy between the boys, who both seem to have growing feelings for Rebecca. Also, Rebecca’s brothers are completely accepting of the relationship. And once the news hits the public, there seems to be no blowback of any kind.

That being said, it’s a seriously hot book full of great chemistry between all of the leads, your trademark inventive and truly hot sex scenes and likeable characters. While this isn’t my favorite of your books, it’s darned hot and a read that I blew through in about three hours. I found myself enjoying it a ton. I give The Billionaire Bad Boys Club a B-.

Kind regards,


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REVIEW: Saving Midnight by Emma Holly

REVIEW: Saving Midnight by Emma Holly

Dear Ms. Holly:

The problem I’ve run into with reviewing this trilogy is discussing the book while trying to avoid spoilers. I’ve decided that it’s close to impossible.   You’ve been warned . . .

Saving Midnight begins soon after the events of the second.   Edmund has been rescued thanks to Graham, Pen, Estelle, Ben and Sally, but the two vampires Li-Hua and Frank have managed to escape.   To his dismay, Edmund discovers that while he was captured, Graham had been forced to feed off from Estelle, and that Estelle enjoyed herself.   Nevermind the fact that Estelle couldn’t help herself or had no choice but to assist Graham in such a manner, this knowledge is more than Edmund can deal with.   He’s angry that such a feeding took place, but he also feels guilty because he knows Estelle had no choice and that neither she nor Graham would betray him in such a way.   Instead of discussing his feelings with Estelle, he closes himself off from her and slowly drives himself mad.   His feelings bring forth all sorts of guilt that he has bottled up from his past- most of it not deserved.   Once again, I was glad that you had shifted the focus of the trilogy away from these two.   I found this entire plot development frustrating and bordering on the ridiculous. I’m not sure how much more I could take of Edmund’s self indulgent angst.

Saving Midnight once again features Durand, mercenary and rogue vampire.   This time he’s working for the Fitz Clares, trying to bring his former employers down.       I was particularly interested in his past relationship with the vampire queen, Nim Wei, and his resentment towards her.   I was glad for the opportunity to learn more about him and wouldn’t mind seeing him featured in his own book.   However, this isn’t his book.   Instead, it’s really Graham’s and Pen’s more than anyone else’s.

After she helps rescue Edmund at the end of book two, Pen goes back home where she discovers that her estranged mother has passed away.   She needs to visit her mother’s home and claim her inheritance or risk losing it to her viperous aunts.   I liked this little detour in the story. We find out that while she may have grown up with a father who loved and protected her, she was continuously belittled by a mother who   masked her venomous intent towards her with a Southern, sugary sweet charm.     It’s during a visit to her mother’s home that Pen is attacked by Li-Hua and Frank and we discover just how unusual a young woman Pen really is.

Li-Hua and Frank have given up their quest to discover the means to change a human into a vampire.   This time, they’ve managed to get their hands on an ancient vampire device that allows the user to suck the soul from their victim and to absorb that soul into themselves while also increasing their powers.   This means that Li-Hua and Frank have gone from dangerous to almost impossible to kill.   To make it worse, the rapid increase in power has driven them nearly mad.

Li-Hua and Frank were rather unpredictable to begin with, but you’d think the extra bit of craziness would make them two very difficult vampires to track down.   Not so.   In fact, it’s almost laughable how easy they are to find.   The FitzClare clan decide to travel to Chicago to search for the villainous duo and as soon as they arrive, a friend of Pen walks up and happens to have exactly the information they need to locate Li-Hua and Frank’s new lair.   I was kind of amused by how easy it fell together, but by this time in the story, I wasn’t really looking for a long drawn out chase scene either.

My major complaint with this book was Edmund’s psychotic spiral.   Not only was the entire thing easily resolved, but it was completely unnecessary in the first place.   Not necessarily a Big Misunderstanding, but just as frustrating.   What also became frustrating were the numerous sex scenes that broke up the action in Kissing Midnight and actually, throughout the entire trilogy. I know this is trademark Emma Holly, but it seriously got a little old after awhile.

I’m glad I read your upyr trilogy, but I’ll admit to experiencing some fatigue towards the end.   As I was reading the last hundred or so pages of Saving Midnight, I remembered thinking that it was almost like I was at the last mile of a marathon- or what I imagine a marathon would be like.   And while the marathon may ultimately be rewarding, it’s not always an enjoyable experience.


:) Joonigrrl

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