REVIEW:  Jealous Hearts by Deborah Miles

REVIEW: Jealous Hearts by Deborah Miles

Dear Ms. Miles:

Update: The author, Ms. Bennett, was kind enough to send us a cover image for her book (Thanks Maili for the suggestion). And gave us an update on her writing endeavors.

I went on to be published in Australian mainstream as Lilly Sommers. I currently write historicals for Avon as Sara Bennett, and soon paranormals as Sara Mackenzie.

Jealous HeartsContinuing my reading of obscure books and settings (sorry, I intend no insult), I pulled this one out recently and read all 250 pages almost straight through. It’s an old Masquerade Historical set in 1838 Sydney and the Australian bush. Now, how often do we romance readers see that time and setting?

Bregetta Smith is up the creek without the proverbial paddle. She’s poor, her mother has just died and her brother is in trouble with the law. The law being the military law in Sydney cause her brother attacked a soldier who subsequently died. A sergeant named Alistair Duncan is after him now but Duncan can’t stop thinking about Bregetta. After her mother dies, he offers her a place in the house he rents and tells her he’ll get her a better job then the one she has in a tavern owned by her best friend’s sleazy husband.
what could possibly happen next?