Dear Author

REVIEW: CB-Once in a Blue Moon by Celia Stuart

Dear Ms. Stuart:

Once in a Blue MoonIt is with a heavy heart that I write this letter. I enjoy your blog. I enjoy your comments. Yours was a book that was recommended in the contest by several people so I know you can be reassured that that you have fans of your work. A book that starts in the middle of the series always has challenges but it is my belief that each book of a series must stand on its own.

Ironically, when the story began, I recall drafting a letter in my head about this type of story exemplified the best in small publisher’s: content not found in mainstream publications. It began with a first person account of the life of a successful salon owner who hasn’t quite made it out of her small, hometown where she enjoys the infamous reputation of being the daughter of the town drunk and being a bit free with her favors. Betti Blanchard’s voice is breezy, no nonsense, and full of southern charm. She was the type of woman who went for what she wanted, instead of waiting for it to come to her. what could possibly happen next?