REVIEW:  Beaudry’s Ghost by Carolan Ivey

REVIEW: Beaudry’s Ghost by Carolan Ivey

Dear Ms Ivey,

ivey-beaudrys-ghost.jpgI bought “Beaudry’s Ghost” a few years ago (when LTD Books was still in business) and have had it on my IPAQ for almost as long. I’ve got a long list of books TBR on that sucker. I needed something different to read and thought, “Ghost story. Not too many of those being written in these days of vampires, Vampires, and more VAMPIRES! Why not?” Turns out to have been a good choice.

Jared Beaudry’s enraged spirit has been roaming the Outer Banks of North Carolina for over 130 years, hungering for the one thing he cannot have–revenge against the mad Confederate officer who took his limbs, his life, and worst of all, his honor. During a reenactment of the Civil War battle in which he died, Jared takes a desperate leap of faith–setting in motion a deadly chain of events nothing can stop. Taylor Brannon can only stand by, helpless, as her entire reenacting unit is taken over by spirits of long-dead Civil War soldiers. Terrified, she has two choices. She can run, or she can stand her ground and try to ensure the safety of her friends, and somehow help Jared’s restless spirit find peace. Taylor finds herself fighting for the life–and love–of a ghost. The cost could be her soul.

Is there anyone out there who hasn’t sat around telling or listening to ghost stories? There’s that delicious thrill when an especially talented storyteller scares the beejesus out of you This one is certainly an interesting take on ghost stories. And yes I’ve heard of the Maco Light. You don’t skimp on the gruesome details about what happens to Beaudry in the past or what poor John is going through after Beaudry battles him for the body. I thought the character of Beaudry was well done. His 19th century manners, his delight in finally being corporeal again after 130 years, his determination that his honor be avenged even at the cost of his life (again). But would a Civil War guy (who’s been raised right by his momma) dive into sex this quickly? Okay, it’s the plot and he’s a guy. I really enjoyed the bit when the incorporeal John and Beaudry are wandering around searching for a body. It’s a very descriptive and memorable scene.

Taylor borders on feisty quite a times and yet she’s also honorable and determined to not only help Beaudry but also keep her friends from being injured during the mass haunting. I did wonder that her psychometer gift seemed to come and go just when the plot needed it. Why has it taken her a whole year to clean out Troy’s knapsack if she’s been trying to contact him and touching a deceased person’s belongings is the best way for her to do that? I liked Troy but agree with Taylor that he took too long to allow her to see him and to come to terms with his death. Did you speak with any reenactors about how they feel during a “battle?” Does the “time bubble”
phenomenon really happen or is that your invention?

Oh, why did the NC man have to be the psycho? Couldn’t you have made him a transplant from SC [grin]? And honestly, the Outer Banks are so built up now that I can’t see live round firing and enactors all over the place and no one seeing them. The battle featured in the book was actually described in another book I read recently though no ghosts were mentioned. I hope that we will see the second and third installments of series since a few burning questions were left hanging at the end of this one. What happened to Ethan? And John? And what plans can you have for Troy? Do we get to see what happens to Beaudry? Questions, so many questions but that’s a good thing, right?, that a reader wants to know more about your characters? I think so. B-


“Beaudry’s Ghost” is not currently available for purchase except on the used market. The ISBN for the book is 1553164938. The good news is that if the review makes you interested in the book, Samhain has bought it and will be publishing it in e format in January 2008.