Dear Author

REVIEW: The Adventures of Alianore Audley by Brian Wainwright

Dear Mr Wainwright,

Alianore AudleyYour debut novel The Adventures of Alianore Audley is a brilliantly funny, subversive spoof that shouldn’t be missed.

Elizabeth Chadwick recommended this book on another list and it was well worth the effort to track down. I try to tell people to imagine a female Blackadder intelligence spy during the War of the Roses and they’ve got Alianore Audley. Smart as a whip with a dry, sarcastic wit, Alianore and her lord and master (who usually is smart enough to do just what she tells him) move through the tumultuous events surrounding the Lancastrians vs the Yorks vs the Tudors and somehow manages through stealth, bribery and blackmail to end up on top and unscathed. It makes trying to follow the plots, counterplots, battles, deceptions and intrigues that make up the Wars of the Roses actually fun. It’s absolutely hilarious but I do have to wonder if the anachronisms were a deliberate move on your part to see who’s paying attention and who’s napping while reading. B+.