Dear Author

REVIEW: The Education of Madeline by Beth Williamson

Dear Ms. Williamson:

Front Cover for Education of Madeline
This is the first opportunity I have had to read a book by you. This story came to my attention when sybil blogged about it. As Sybil explained, it was a virgin story with a twist. Set in Colorado, 1872, Madeline Brewster is a spinster. She is 30 years of age and has never experience the physical pleasure of joining with a man. She is 6 feet tall and owns half the town.

Madeline comes across a hanging. She recognizes that the man who is charged with horse thieving is comely of figure and decides to take a chance. She gets the Sheriff to release the man in her custody until the owner of the horse can be found. She uses deductive reasoning to point out that they had insufficient proof to hang the alleged criminal.

The problem with your book lies in the juxtaposition of the sex scenes and the story. It was as if there were two stories being told in this book. First, the story of how Madeline fights back against the town’s conspiracy to take all her money and two, the story of Madeline’s instruction. Together those two storylines seemed disjointed and incohesive. After the second sex scene, I just stopped reading those parts all together. They didn’t seem to advance the plot and were recounted with an almost paint by numbers affectation. Lesson 1: Kissing. Lesson 2: Penetration. Lesson 3: Anal Pentration. Lesson 4: Bondage. Lesson 5: Talking dirty. etc. etc.

The storyline of Madeline and Teague falling in love, overcoming their fears and reclaiming Madeline’s life from the evil townspeople was good. I would be remiss in my letter writing if I didn’t make some comment about the epilogue. The epilogue read like you were tired of the story and wanted to move on. It consisted of about 2 paragraphs and told us about everyone’s life rather than showing us the happiness and completion Madeline and Teague felt. Did your editor come back to you and say that you need an epilogue and so you typed one out in five minutes, completely disgruntled, and sent it back? I have to give a C+ . I am sure that other readers won’t mind the combination of the two storylines but I thought it was distracting.

Best regards,