#Giveaway:  Avery Flynn, Joely Sue Burkhart

#Giveaway: Avery Flynn, Joely Sue Burkhart

Welcome to the Dear Author August Extravaganza, Day 1

Every day this month, we are giving away copies of books, both digital and print, as well as gift certificates and even a digital reader. Stay tuned to this link to see all of the giveaways. They only last a few days each so keep visiting.

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Are you ready to get Jaxified? Win a copy of Jax and the Beanstalk Zombies by Avery Flynn

“I loved this story.” – Darynda Jones, Bestselling Author

“This is Jack and the Beanstalk smexified, zombified and all grown up.” – Elisabeth Staab, Bestselling Author

“With Jax and the Beanstalk Zombies, author Avery Flynn takes a much-loved fairy tale out for a spicy, supernatural spin. The result? A story that’s not only clever and creative, but flat out FUN. Smokin’, too, ’cause Flynn always delivers on the sexy.” – USA Today

Jax and the Beanstalk Zombies by Avery Flynn is “snappy, smart, thoroughly romantic.” – RT Reviews, 4 stars

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From Author Joely Sue Burkhart

Joely Sue Burkhart has always loved heroes who hide behind a mask, the darker and more dangerous the better. Whether cool, sophisticated billionaire, brutal blood-thirsty assassin, or simply a man tortured by his own needs, they all wear masks to protect themselves. Once they finally give you a peek into the passionate, twisted secrets they’re hiding, they always fall hard and fast. Dare to look beneath the mask with delicious BDSM in a wide variety of genres with Joely on her website, http://joelysueburkhart.com.

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