REVIEW:  Queen of the Ocean by Anna C Bowling

REVIEW: Queen of the Ocean by Anna C Bowling

Dear Mrs Bowling,

bowling-qocean.jpg This is the second story of yours I’ve tried and the second one I’ve liked. Again you make good use of the short word count in telling the story of of young lovers parted, love that lasts and a touching reunion but with the twist of time running out for a happy ending. Honestly I wasn’t quite sure how you’d end it but I enjoyed the heroine’s quick witted response and the joy between the two of them. And you even manage to include enough about the villains so that they’re not totally two dimensional. I’m still a bit hazy about the time frame of the story (was the hero’s father washed up on the English shore after the Armada?) but I like it enough for a B grade.


this book is available in ebook form