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Dear Author

REVIEW: I’ve Been Committing Adultery

You didn’t read that title wrong. Publicily I have proclaimed to be in a serious and monogamous relationship with my IPAQ 4700. I’ve trash talked its competitor saying I would never abandon the IPAQ for Sony. Alas, the IPAQ has been slowly gathering dust as I’ve turned more often to Sony, using it with greater frequency to the point that IPAQ has been lying forlornly in a desk drawer. After expending so much reading energy with Sony, I just don’t have time for the IPAQ anymore.

With the recent reports that the price of the Sony Reader has dropped to $299 (from $350) and that Sony is offering $150 in book credit to new purchasers, the Sony just might be coming of an age where more people can break up with their old reader or take a chance on a new relationship.

img_0393.JPGLet me tell you what has changed since I originally posted about my dislike of the Sony Reader in November of 2006. First, I have found a decent booklight. While I prefer the convenience of the backlight, I have been able to give it up using this booklight that I purchased at Barnes & Noble.

img_0395.JPG The booklight has an alarm clock and a timer. The timer can be set for any amount of time and after the set time expires, the light turns off. I think that’s a pretty genius idea. The head of the booklight pulls up out of the body and bends down. It is the maneuverability of the head of the booklight which is its greatest feature (besides the alarm clock and the timer) because I am able to position it so that there is absolutely no glare on the Reader. The light that emits is pure white light.

What has really made me a convert, though, are the tools the great guys at mobileread have developed. If you are thinking of getting a Sony or you currently have one, here are three must have tools:

  • Sony Reader Flasher. With this Sony Reader flasher, your page turns faster, you are able to change the fonts on your system, add a CLOCK! to the screen, and importantly, allows you to change the joystick on the right side to turn the page.
  • Lit to LRF. I buy many of my ebooks in MS Lit format and in conjunction with Convert Lit GUI, I can turn all my books into Sony readable files simply by dragging and dropping. It’s that easy.
  • Html to LRF. I couldn’t quite figure out how to use this program, but once I did, I found it to be easy to use. The entire program has to be installed. Then in the Program Files > libprs500 is a file called html2lrf.exe. You simply drag your html onto that icon and it turns out a Sony readable file with the cover (if there is one that is part of the html file). My converted files showed up in my C:\Documents and Settings\Jane Litte folder for some reason, but hey, it works and it required no heavy lifting.

These are probably things only a person with a little tech savvy could accomplish but it made a world of difference for me in terms of useability with the Sony Reader. I might even keep my Sony Reader despite the new Amazon Kindle that is about to be released because the Kindle has a style only its mother could love.